By: Slam

It´s happening right now, Freaknick is there, we might as well embrace it.  The Winter Olympics are a spectacular event going on right now in Vancouver.  Just as it so happens, it is happening right around when Slam wanted to give out some mid-season awards.  Based on how they have been playing this season I am going to give out awards based on some Olympic events.


Snowboard Halfpipe: Milos Teosdosic

Maybe he gets this award because of his hair and free-flowing “I don´t really care” attitude, but also the man has been balling hard all season.  The January MVP has vaulted himself into the conversation of best young player in the Euroleague.  He gets the snowboard award because just like those that ride in the halfpipe he has a flashy offensive game that puts up a lot of oo´s and aah´s.

Figure Skating: Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio has been the oil that lights the fire of Barcelona´s offense this season.  He is the lead guard on the best team so far in the Euroleague and he has been doing it with such grace and bueaty.  This award is perfect for Rubio because just like figure skaters he likes to avoid contact and makes elegant moves that makes you wonder how he did it.

Cross-Country Skiing: David Logan

This is the endurance race, only those who go all out for the whole time will win this race.  David Logan is leading the Euroleague in minutes played by a very, very large amount.  At over 36 minutes a game he has become a true warrior and the real cog to Asseco Prokom’s suprisingly very good year.

Hockey: Pete Mickeal and Regal Barcelona

The best team so far this year has been Barcelona with their endless bench, stingy defense, and high-flying offense.  Pete Mickeal gets singled out here because he has been the toughest and steadiest force in the Barcelona attack.  He is 2nd in scoring on Barca with 13 points a game and 1st in rebounds with 4.9.   Mickeal has had an excellent year on the court but don’t think he couldn’t lace up some skates and put some good hits on the other skaters.

Ski Jump: Josh Childress

Childress has burst onto the Euroleague scene with force this year like we thought he would last year.  He has been possibly the most important clog for Olympiacos with his versatile offensive ability.  Childress has put down some serious slams this year and he would be the best candidate to get the most air in the ski jump contest.

Biathlon: Trajan Langdon

One of Europe’s best players this past decade might be having his best seasons at the tender age of 34.  Langdon has been shooting lights out: 50 % from 2 point, 50% from 3 point, and 92 % from the line.  He is 3rd in the Euroleague in both 3 pointers made and 3 point percentage, making Langdon an ideal marksman for the biatholon.  He has the endurance to take on the cross-country skiing with his 8 years of experience, and the shot making ability to handle a rifle.

Skeleton: Aleks Maric

Yes he went down in recent weeks and Partizan still played well; but if there was one player who meant more to a team it would be Aleks Maric.  He has been devastating in Euroleague play.  He led the Euroleague in ranking in the regular season by a wide margin with a 24.56.  The skeleton is a one man race that is only built for those with no-fear, that is the race for Maric.

Alpine Skiing: Linas Kleiza

The men’s combined alpine skiing medal is one of the hardest to achieve because it incorporates 4 different events: downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and super g.  Kleiza would win this hands down so far this season because of his array of scoring moves.  He is leading the Euroleague in points with 16.6 a game, and he is doing it in a variety of ways.  Jumpers, fast break dunks, post-up moves, driving through the line; Kleiza has been able to score at will.

Luge: Alan Anderson and Chuck Eidson

Anderson and Eidson have been the best scoring duo in Europe this year.  They feed off of each other and one or the other is always having a good scoring day.  While they both have varied offensive games Anderson is more of slasher with Eidson a more playmaking shooter.  They blend together nicely and have risen Maccabi to the top of Group F in the Top 16.