Guler Goes Hard: Istanbul’s next rap sensation.

Freaknick: So you locked up homecourt for the Turkish League Playoffs. I don’t need to ask you “How important is that?” because it’s obviously huge. Instead I’ll ask you this: what’s the worst, ugliest, nastiest thing you’ve ever encountered on an opposing team’s court? (Be as graphic as you’d like…we’re uncensored)

Sinan Guler: I got two memories of wild fans.

One was during college when we went down to Lubbock, TX for a tournament. During one game against the home team, everytime I was running in front of the student section of the bleachers, the student were making the turkey sound, ‘gobble gobble.’ It was something I actually enjoyed, because I thought it was quite creative and non-violent.

Last year during the finals, playing against Fenerbahce Ulker, I have a vivid memory of the treatment we saw during the road games. The fans of Fenerbahce were pretty wild.

FN: If you don’t mind me bragging on you, your last game against Kepez Belediye was one of your best of the year statistically: 12 pts, 8 rebounds all in 21 minutes. Since I couldn’t see the game, tell the people if you thought it was your best performance of the season.

SG: I have been feeling pretty confident about the way I played lately. I had a chance to guard some pretty good players in the opponent teams, and show what I can do on the defensive side of the game. I also showed good signs on the offensive side of the game I think. It always feels good to do good things for the team and change the energy and the tempo of the basketball that we play.

FN: OK, so we recently did some back-and-forth Tweeting about a possible Guler-Freaknick rap about the World Championships being hosted in your home country. Before you can get on the mic you’ll need a proper rap name. Any ideas?

SG: Wow, you put me to a tough spot hear.. To be honest I wouldn’t wanna enter the border that I merely have no talent in. I am good at Guitar Hero, and that’s the best I can do related to music. So if you can come up with a name for me please share..

FN: I have plenty. My personal vote: Efes Pimpin’.

On to the the next one…

Recently, they released the Euroleague’s All-Decade Team: Holden, Siskauskas, Bodiroga, Langdon, Vujcic, Papaloukas, Diamantidis, Jasikevicius, Navarro, Parker. Having grown up watching a lot of these guys and even playing with most of them, tell us who your favorite is and why.

SG: Wow, it’s so tough to pick a favorite out of these players. Out of the players I played against, I would pick Papaloukas, because he is so dominant all around the court. Although he is a PG, to rule the court he does not need the ball in his hands at all times. I can compare him to Magic Johnson because of his size and basketball mentality.

FN: If you could extend this Euroleague roster to 12, who would be two other guys you would add to this list?

SG: Ginobili is the only name I can think of right now..

FN: If you had to make an All-Time Turkish Starting Five, who would be on it?

SG: My Father Necati Guler or Orhun Ene at the point, Harun Erdenay at the 2, Hedo at the 3, Ersan Ilyasova at the 4 and Kaya Peker as Center.