By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Matadors? Decorative swords? Colorfully dressed men with freshly polished shoes? All we need to make it a real bull fight is PETA protesting outside.

Forgive me for reading too much into this commercial, but I’m about to read too much into this commercial: Derrick Rose is going to Spain during the lockout.*

Some might say It’s just because like, he’s like a bull in the commercial and plays for the Bulls in real life and stuff. Hold it right there, hippie. There’s something far more elaborate going on here. Did D-Rose just make his Decision via a 1:06 adidas commercial?

Yes he did.**

*Euroleague Adventures has no reason to believe Derrick Rose is actually going to Spain during the lockout. This is hopeful conjecture at best.

**No. He probably didn’t.