Both our brackets are toasted and our Syracuse Orange have been squeezed out thanks to stupid turnovers and a blown call down the stretch. But there is one thing that can cheer us up.

Euroleague playoffs. Let’s get crazy.

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Start - 10:20: Caja Laboral vs. Maccabi Electra

  • Does Sofo need a ventilator to keep up with Caja’s feverish pace?
  • Who wins the battle between Fernando San Emeterio and Chuck Eidson?
  • Can Marcelinho Huertas hold off Macabi’s horses up top, Pargo and Perkins?

10:21 - 15:59: Regal FC Barcelona vs. Panathinaikos

  • Can Ricky Rubio and Victor Sada shut down Double D’s?
  • Will Aleks Maric rise from the dead to deliver an inspiring performance?
  • Can Barcelona afford to get in an early hole against Zeljko Obradovic?

16:00 - 24:43: Real Madrid vs. Valencia

  • Is Real Madrid better off without Sergio Rodriguez and/or Clay Tucker?
  • Can Valencia win if Nando de Colo hides in his corner?
  • Does Dusko Savanovic stand a chance against Madrid’s fearsome frontcourt foursome?

24:44 - 35:05: Olympiacos vs. Montepaschi Siena

  • How much of this series relies on the health of Kaukenas and McCalebb?
  • Does Siena have the size to disrupt Rasho Nesterovic and his ridiculous 76% shooting?
  • Can Olympiacos survive with an ice cold Milos Teodosic?

35:06 - Close: We come up with nifty would-be headlines for all eight teams in the case of their theoretial victories. It’s hard to explain in writing. You’re better off listening. So, just do that. Thanks.