Brandon Jennings and Joe Budden: What two idiots say to each other when left alone

By: Freaknick

The video below is a conversation between Bucks draft pick Brandon Jennings and hip-hop wash-up  Joe Budden.  The audio is a bit fuzzy, so Freaknick offers a translation (WARNING: video contains explicit content, and listening to these two  engage in conversation will most likely leave you dumber than you were before clicking play).

Joe Budden (1 min 18 secs): I got [girls]  in Milwaukee, I aint even gonna front. LOL.

Translation: I wish girls still believed me when I told them I was famous. : (

JB (2:38): Don’t f*** it up.

Translation:  I’ll f*** it up for you myself.  I’ll have this on YouTube in no time.

JB (2:55): If you’re trying to be like Joe Budden then you’re doing the right thing.

Translation:  You’re on speakerphone and I’m recording this call on my webcam. Because I’m a loser.

Brandon Jennings (4:42): Man, f*** the Knicks.  Them [people] skipped out on me, man.  F*** the Knicks.

Translation: I had myself going 1,2,3,4 and 5 in my mock draft.  And they finally got rid of Starbury and Isiah!  They need a new headcase…I could be that guy!

JB (4:52):  Yo, you feel to the Knicks how I do about Jay-Z?  The Knicks are your Jay-Z? (Very pleased with himself, Budden laughs hysterically.  Jury’s still out about what was funny.)

Translation:  I was this close to riding Jay-Z’s coattails to fame. Now I’m filming my conversations with 19-year-olds and living off royalties from Def Jam Vendetta in my girlfriend’s guest room.  I hate my life.

BJ (5:24): I bet Method Man would whoop your ass in a freestyle!

Translation:  I just mentioned Method Man and I’m talking to Joe Budden.  I have an extremely distorted perception of who’s cool.  And I need new friends.

JB (5:29): I’m hanging up on you.  

Translation: Look, man, it’s been a pleasure chopping your public image at the knees, but YouTube traffic is crazy right and so I need to strike while the iron is hot.

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  1. Penn Collins Jun 30th 2009

    I can’t believe you guys are making fun of Budden (a.k.a Sticky Bud a.k.a. B-Thegreatestever). Listen to his albums before you talk.

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