Can Hedo that? Turkoglu pulls a fast one

By: Freaknick

So we broke the news in our most recent podcast and thought we were pretty on top of it.  Turkoglu to the Blazers!

Oops.  Make that…um…the Raptors!

As Hedo becomes the latest player to use the NBA Finals as a catapult to an inflated contract (James Posey being last year’s big winner), I’m looking beyond the 5 years and 53 million.  What we care about is the implications this signing will have on European basketball.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The fallout from the Turkoglu deal could hit European hoops from a few different angles.

1.  Rudy Fernandez: After letting the Blazers brass know he was perturbed by their courtship of Turkoglu, they laid the offer at Hedo’s feet anyways.  As it is, Rudy believes he could make more money in Europe, and maybe this Hedo saga will be enough to make him reconsider.  He has already had informal discussions with Olympiacos, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and CSKA Moscow.

2. Anthony Parker: FACT: Parker is a 2-time Euroleague MVP.  FACT: The Raptors drafted USC’s Demar Derozan to be his replacement.  FACT: Anthony Parker can still shoot lights out and defend.  GUESS: Parker will be back in Europe again in a few months.

3.  Shawn Marion: This is a long shot, but Marion has often griped about being disrespected and undervalued in the NBA, and big European money could remedy the  chip on his shoulder.

4.  Carlos Delfino: The Raptors are expected to renounce the rights… Continue Reading…

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