Jonas Jerebko must break you

OK, so he's not Russian, but the Ivan Drago resemblance was too much to pass up.

1.     Jonas Jerebko

22, 6’9” 210

Angelico Biella (Italian League)

PPG- 9.2 RPG- 5.6 APG- 0.6

Freaknick’s Forecast: OK.  He’s Swedish, not Russian.  Sue me. But before you do, check out the Ivan Drago resemblance:

"I must break you...and guard 3 positions.""If he dies...he dies. I fight real champion."


Just like Drago, Jerebko has trained his ass off (minus the Russian ‘roids) and started filling out his frame over the past year, which finally gives him a frame equal to his uncanny ability to do nearly everything well.  He continues to extend his range, which will only create more opportunities to get into the lane where he can rise and finish with contact thanks to his newborn muscle.  He’s not much of a distributor, but he’s used to being the best player on the floor and hasn’t had much of a reason to.  That will change in the NBA, and he possesses the skillset and the attitude to turn into a fine passer.  His calling card will be his ability to guard 3 positions: shooting guard, small forward, and smaller, more athletic power forwards.  Depending on where he falls in the draft (probably somewhere in the 20’s), he could see playing time immediately, being used in a similar role as the Bucks rookie Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (plus a bit more offense).

Slam Says: Did someone say there’s a tough Swedish player out there?  Yes that is what we have with the blonde bombshell Jonas Jerebko; a small forward known for being able to check any player in Europe defensively.  His jumper takes a while to get off but he has good form and can extend to the three point range.  As long as he continues to go to the basket and use his strength, Jerebko will find a place in the league as a slashing wing.

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  1. actually jonas has russian heritage. His great grandfather was a russian immigrant. Jerebko is a russian surname.

  2. Upon your reply, I went and did some additional research only to find that his father Chris Jerebko played at Syracuse…which is where Slam and I go to school! Small world. Thanks for making it even smaller, and I hope you keep checking back.



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