More Impressive Hoop Summit: Bismack’s Triple Double or Kanter’s 34 and 13?

When sizing up an NBA prospect, I like to hunker down with a burrito and drink up some year-old video on the YouTube.

-Unnamed NBA Executive who never existed

I’m assuming this is how Enes Kanter’s agent is getting his information. Despite not playing competitive ball for over a year (if high school is presumed to be ‘competitive’), Kanter and Co. have decided to scrap the workouts which include other living, breathing basketball players, leaving us to hopelessly extrapolate from his last live action: the 2010 Nike Hoop Summit, where Kanter dropped a record 34 points to go with 13 boards.

A year later, a Congolese fella named Bismack showed up in Portland (amid Fuenlabradan controversy) and tried to one up his Turkish predecessor with the Summit’s first ever triple double: 12 points, 11 reblounds and 10 blocks. With only a couple months of ACB experience under his belt, NBA scouts and GMs will flock to the Summit tape when considering just how rich they’d like to make ‘Mack.

So with a nearly equal amount of mystery surrounding them both, the question is this (videos below for your convenience):

Whose Nike Hoop Summit performance was more impressive?

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First Bismack has a go at it:

Now it’s Kanter’s turn: