VIDEO: Oliver Lafayette Talks Last Shots and Beating Barcelona

VIDEO: Oliver Lafayette Talks Last Shots and Beating Barcelona

Valencia’s Oliver Lafayette spoke to the media at Martin Carpena Arena about that game-tying shot in last night’s quarter final classic against Baskonia, who the play was actually designed for, and if he can have another big game against Barcelona tonight. For the benefit of any of our Spanish-speaking readers, Oliver’s answers are also translated in the video below.

Lafayette continued answering questions, but a technical glitch with the ELA video setup mean you’ll have to take our word for what he said, including one we asked him about the heads-up quick offense in the final minute of that win over Baskonia:

ELA:  In the final minute of the game last night, it seemed like a pretty smart move to go for a 2-for-1, so you got the final shot. Was that something the coach designed, something you work on?

“We designed to go for a quick shot, trying to get a quick three pointer or a quick two. We knew it was going to be tough to to stop them down the stretch, so we were hopefully trying to get the last shot, and it worked out in our favour.”

Question: Is it going to be tough to beat Barcelona without Serhiy Lishchuk?

“It’ll be tough. He’s our best defender on the court, he always talks on the court, so it’ll be really tough to beat them without him, but some of the other bigs have go to step up and play great defense.”

It certainly will be tough, but if the first two ACB matchups between these teams are anything to go by, it will be another close game and maybe another chance to execute in the clutch. Tip off is 2130 CET.